My 97yr Old Grandma and Her Lesson on Beauty

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A week back, I visited my cousin sister. She was busy trying to remove her moles with a home remedy (applying garlic paste at a regular interval). I asked her why, then she told me she hated them. This very incident brought me back to a conversation I had with my grandma last christmas.

It was one of the sunny winter mornings where the sky was clear, the wind was chilly and the mists were resting upon the hills like snow.  I had urged my grandma out of bed with the promise of a fresh sunny Monday, to which she grudgingly agreed.

Basking the sun with our chicken cooing in the backdrop, my grandma began humming a folk song. This was a sign that she was enjoying the winter sun. So, without further delay, I took a stool and sat next to her. As her humming paused, she touch the mole on her face and laughed. I was intrigued, I asked her what the song was about.

With a smile as warm as the sun, she told me that it was one of the songs she grew up singing, taught by her mom and sung by elder womenfolk in our village. This was a song about the conversation between a beautiful woman and her suitor, the woman thought the mole on her face made her look bad but the man thought otherwise. 

Hearing the story, I wanted to film the song so I fished out my phone and asked her to sing it again for me. She did, although she laughed in between the song saying that her voice could barely catch up with the original pitch. Here is the song:


This is how I imagine the scene probably must’ve unfolded like:

Oh dearest famous woman, there is a mole on your face” says the man. But sighing upon the mole, the woman replies “Oh the mole, the mole, how I wish I didnt’t have it on my face.”  Then the man replies “Dearest damsel wanting to rid off the mole, you wouldn’t know that it is the mole that adds beauty and charm to you.”

My grandma also told me that everytime she begins to detest the big moles on her face, she is reminded of this song. It’s quite funny how such a small thing as a ‘mole‘ can affect us so much. While some people wants it gone, I remember wanting it so bad that I tattooed two moles on my chin (Yup! I still have it).

So, to those of you with beautiful moles, I hope my grandma’s folk song reminds you how beautiful you look with it.

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