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The City Of Death

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There was this City, a city called the City of Death. Yet contrary to its name, it was a city of jewel- so jovial, so jubilant, a city that never sleeps. It was the city where the learned practiced their intellect, where young minds learned to be wiser. It was the city where everyone strive to be beautiful.

The city could never be dull, let alone call it a city of death. Every day was a day for celebration, gulp down a drink of sparkling liquid, nothing seemed to ever go wrong.

Oh yes, the part where the city is named so, I will get to it. Patience my love, patience.

But there lurked in the dark, nasty Shadows. Masqueraded in suits and charms of tongues, they seemed holier than thou. Their first crimes were meager, meager because you could measure it. But then their desire started to grow.

At first they only seemed to feed on weaker ones. Oh no, darling, your sisters were never safe. The shadows seemed to enjoy your sisters. Someday your sisters would come back with torn skirts with the life sucked out of their soul, other days bruised and beaten. And worst of it, oh darling, they never came back!

I am sorry you never met your sisters. I wish you met them; I am sure they would have loved you ceaselessly. But I couldn’t stop the shadows. They were vicious, they only charged when you least expected.

Yes, we were outraged! But what could we do? We stood nowhere near to the shadows, for they were wise and cunning. They mostly picked the ones who dare walked the ground, only those who slept behind the wooden doors. But we moved on, even then we moved on. We couldn’t live in castles or fortress. Only if we could, we would not be in this land. Would we, darling?

The City of Death

But no! We heard even the natives suffered; those who resembled us. I never heard from them, darling. I am sure they grieved for the loss of their sisters. How can they not? It was a story we never spoke about, it was a story too sad to unravel, beyond we could bear.

Yes, yes, let me get back to the story. The shadows wanted more than just your sisters. No, their hunger for darkness increased. The denizens had them hidden, but they couldn’t do so any longer. The carnage spread incessantly; there was nothing the city could do to hide the shadows.

At first we thought it was your sisters they wanted, but dear me, their desire was darker than I could measure! They started snatching your brothers too! Oh dear, it is sad, I know. But you should know the story. You should know the true story, in case I never return like your sisters, somebody has to know the story and pass it on.

Where was I, darling? Oh yes, your brothers. Oh dear, the shadows started preying on your brothers. They were like the Hyenas, they always hunted in groups. Your brothers are strong my love, don’t doubt their strengths. That is why the shadows were scared to prey on your brothers without their pack. I know your brother never came back, but I hope they went down fighting, fighting for the sisters we lost, for the sister who will never be the same again.

Oh, darling, I wish I could offer you the safest hideout to keep you safe from them. Darkness always seems to get to us. Some of your brothers and sisters went to sleep, they never woke up to see the next sunrise. The sight of the blood around their corpse, oh darling. None should die such deaths.

No darling, you should not wish that happens to these nasty Shadows! I pray they never face such horrible deaths.

No darling, there is nothing you can do to stop the shadows unless we all perish under a city fire. All we can do is watch out for each other, fight to come back alive every time. After all, we are intruders to them natives, AND we always will be.

Yes, darling, this is why the city is called the City of Death.

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  1. Hey!!! Great write up, I enjoyed reading your writing and this is the first one and it made me think of all the inhumanity world. Yeah, I love it. Cheers!!!

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