Poem for a Father

My Life For Yours: For Every Child Who Shares a Special Bond with their Father

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My Life For Yours

Father, O’ father
There is a man who says I can barter my life for yours.

Remember how you lamented what good life gave you? I am your greatest gift father.
I wish to recompense you for the good you gave me.

No! Father, you have to hold on longer.
You still have to walk down the aisle thrice;
Welcome a new bride into the home you build;
and put your grandchildren to sleep with your mighty tales.
You see, your shoes are too big for me to fill; I need you to keep wearing them.

Save your tears, father, I have found the barterer. I have even tricked the ferryman with my charms and copper to take me in your place.
Look! I see them coming for me, father.

You can have all you want now father: A warm bed, scrumptious meals, more prayers and a house filled with laughter.

Do not fret for my absence father, for the roaring wind will carry my laughter to you; the rustling leaves, my soft giggles. Each time the spring appears, father, know that I am happy on the other side.

When you are ready to let go, remember that I am here waiting for you and you will never be alone.

So hold still father, everything will be fine now.


[PS: Dedicating this poem to my father, who even after his strokes have been holding on strong, braving mild seizures with prayers and arrogance. Also, dedicating this to those of us who share a strong bond with our father who are still fighting hard to stay with us and those who fought hard till the end. To our fathers, bold, great and strong!]

4 thoughts on “My Life For Yours: For Every Child Who Shares a Special Bond with their Father

  1. Wow! what a touching poem!. It’s a great writing. I just love it. My father also enduring a big problem yet he’s still holding up everything for all of his child.

    1. Riamei, I wish your father all the good health and happiness in the world. I can only imagine the strength he posses and the love you share as I do with my father. I hope 2016 gives us both a happy year. ?

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