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Meeting Ayangti: The Beautiful & Soulful Writer

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So I met Ayangti Longkumer over the last weekend. (So much delayed in posting this, my health got the best of me and couldn’t put it up earlier).

If you are wondering who she is, she is the author of the novel “The Winning story” and the anthology of poems “Magic Quill”. If you haven’t heard of either of these books then I’d advise you to order it online. (Like, and I forgot the rest).

Ayangti Longkumer
Buy it here Magic Quill by Ayangti Longkumer

Why should you read? Because her style is simple, quick-witted, fun with the right amount of sarcasm making it a refreshing-kind-of book. (if you are not a fan of those Shakespearean English, you SHOULD totally check them out.)

Turning back to my meet with her, well, that fateful day I was running late. I panicked and called her up apologizing profusely for the delay. And as I cussed at the epic slow traffic, I grieved at my misfortune on how my first impression on her was going to be.

We decided to meet at the infamous “Momos point” in Batra, Mukherjee Nagar (it’s in North Delhi in case you are wondering). This place is nothing posh but very simple, earthly and quite & the only place I love to eat good Momos.

So I finally reached Momos point. And, to be honest, I went in expecting a mini dragon fuming at my late entry but instead I met the sweetest amazing soul right in that place! As I made my way up the stairs, I spotted her with that chubby cheeks and nerdy glass, and neat book at the sides!

As our eyes met each other, we screeched like those tyres of fast cars in a sudden halt and hugged like long lost friends. Oh! How our laughs filled the small place. From this time on, I couldn’t help but tell her time and again that she wasn’t anything at all that I expected her to be!

I thought she’d be someone aggressive with a grim expression, as seeping with sarcasm (judging by her writings of course)! But oh, she was all sweet, soft and polite. What do you call them, Down-to-earth? Yes, very down-to-earth indeed.

I apologized again on the delay and she sweetly told me to never mind as she enjoyed reading the book while waiting for me. And before we went any further with our orders, she rummaged her bag to get me this beautiful pair of purple silver studded earrings! After “aw…” and more exclamations, I put it on and flashed the beautiful piece on my ear. She bought this piece all the way from Bholpur, Kolkata! (How sweet, you know what I mean!)

Then we skimmed through the menus and placed our order (Momos+ Kimchi+ baby Corns+ cokes & 2 more refills!). Finally, we got down to talking about ourselves, as self-obsessive writers are.

I was so humbled to learn that she was going to donate her long hair for cancer patients! (Really! What?) As we were discussing about my haircut (I sport one that every parent advice their child not to keep) I found out that she was going to grow it waist-length all to be donated later. Here I was growing my hair to end my family from fussing over it, and there she was doing it all for a greater cause!

Our food arrived in no time and we started gorging on them. (Dear men, she is a big foodie, so ask her out for Dinner without any apprehension). Over mouthfuls of food, she wouldn’t stop cracking jokes and I almost choked myself! I am pretty sure the waiters must’ve thought we were high!

As she had another appointment with a friend (well, I actually ambushed her plan. Guilty here!), we had to finish the food quick and leave.

She insisted she pay the bills and I pay it next time when I treat her in Hyatt! (That I see it happening only in donkey’s years with these meager earnings of mine! Oops!).

While on our way out, she thanked the waiters repeatedly and appreciated them for their service too. I felt embarrassed of myself because as a regular visitor of that place, never a day had I thanked them! Yes, she was that humble.

Oh and in that short time, we also made plans on some dating stuffs. (Of course, it’s a secret!). With scheming plans being bartered, we even exchanged advice on how we should make our men CRY!

Well, finally we said our goodbyes and I got into the airy auto-rickshaw. A kiss on our cheeks were not enough so we threw each other numberless flying kisses with promises of me visiting her the next time.

So to wrap it all up, I am so glad I met her. Her humility and simplicity blew me away. I know we would be catching up soon again with stories of crushes and new dates, but before that happened I just wanted to let you all know what an amazing person she is.

Do not forget to visit her Blog ( It will serve you an absolutely delightful daily dose of humour and information.

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