May The Best Man Win

May The Best Man Win

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“Loyalty to country ALWAYS.
Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” ~ Mark Twain

My people in Manipur (or at least the Politicians) finally wrapped up the much controversial (and awaited) Autonomous District Council (ADC) election on 1st June. The re-polls have also been wrapped up after much fist-fighting, rallies, and stolen votes.

The alleged ‘deadliest attack’ on the ‘Jawans’ by militant groups led by NSCN (K) in Chandel District, Manipur, has drained the excitement of the election. But with 10th June  just a day away, the suspense is back on the game!

In the virtual world, Facebook groups exploded with heated arguments over which political party is right. The social media toddlers and the pioneers are still having a sleepless keyboard battle.

In the real world, the candidates are attacking each other- physical thrashing and media thrashing. NPF MLAs who can slap, INC team who hired the best goons in action, village chiefs in abduction season, BJPS issuing warnings to ‘militants’- this 5-year wait of the election is definitely worth the drama.

Thank you Indian express for your fair share of coverage– the extortion and kidnapping story involved in campaigns of the ADC election in Manipur, 2015. Also bringing to light the alleged letter that sought voters to cast their votes in favor of Naga People’s Front Candidates- distributed in Ukhrul District by NSCN (IM).

Thank you Nagaland Post for rounding up the detailed figures. And of course, the state’s own papers e-pao from the daily round-up report of BJPs, the Sangai for it’s priceless editorial and of course, for the thread of local news on the ADC election, Manipur.

Blinded by judgement, hatred and greed, we have failed to be just. 

Rooted in the hatred for the NSCN (IM) backed NPF party for so long, we refuse to accept the contesting candidates for who they are.  Clouded by the BJPs “Hindu-centric” image, we refuse to reason with the contesting candidates.

INC candidates? We blame them of being influenced by the ruling party of the state. The rest of the independent candidates? Branded as the power-thirsty politician and wouldn’t hear them out.

Where has that left us? If we go by our prejudiced judgment, here is what we got-
121 Hindu loving candidates (BJP)
92 State-Govt. Suck-up Candidates (INC)
93 NSCN (IM) sympathizers (NPF)
251 (+6) Power Mongers. (Independent + JD)

All this hatred for what?  For the fight for 133 ADC seats! (11 already being declared elected, uncontested)

From what I last heard before the election, some of the NPF candidates were allocated with too little funds that they could not even meet the expenditure of their campaign transport. I wonder if they sleep well at night when people go around accusing the whole party of being the ‘Looters’ baby. (No, I am not an NPF sympathizer)

Who are we to blame when we, and our close kin, takes money passed under the table for a vote, not just one party, but two, sometimes even three! Who are we to point fingers at when we equally share the bloodstained money?

The voting is over. Till the 10th, all we have is our speculation, our armchair debates, and the guiltless biased voters.

Have we voted sensibly this time?

Do you think voters refused the money distributed down the corner right before the polling booth? Do you think there is a chance that they refused to be wavered in their belief for justice over a bag of rice? Did they turn down the offer of 1000 INR for a vote? What if they did?

I know reasoning is hard when we need rice to feed hungry mouths, money to cloth barren bodies. But what if, for a change, the voters decided they had had enough of bribes, and would rather choose by free will?

Remember how the AAP won the 2015 Delhi election? Because the people decided they had had enough of talks, they wanted a change. To them, AAP was the change. Was the decision justifiable? Only time will tell.

Will we be able to do the same? Overlook the influence and choose from our own conscience? For now, we can only speculate with a flicker of hope.

May the richest man win.

May the best man win.

18 thoughts on “May The Best Man Win

  1. Nice write up.. a touch of humor, sarcasm, reflection, all that is based on our reality put down in a crisp yet detailed thought… keep writing!! We need more people who can tell our stories. Our entire identity is based on our stories passed on from generation yet we still do not have one good story teller (writer) even now.. I hope you will fill that void.

  2. Yuimi well written….keep up…keep writing on all issue for our small society benefit…

  3. You are determinedly fair-minded, neither an apologist nor a scold. There is never a time when i’m not inspired by your writing @ Yuimi.

  4. When people these days repeatedly shout “free and fair election”, it only seems to mean that voters should be allowed to vote on his/her own free will without any external force or threat.

    Most of us however, seems to fail to notice or knowingly ignores the big role and influence “money” has/plays during such elections.

    While there is also a certain threshold on the expenditure a candidate can spend during campaigning, it’s openly known that candidates openly flout such rules and spend way beyond the permissible limit. And sadly, the ECI does nothing about it.

    You have clearly elucidated this in your extremely well written write-up. Thank you for reminding us…. 🙂

    1. Chonreingam, thank you. I hope at least 10% of the ‘best men’ won among the 100. The very fact that this piece could convey the clouded truth is an achievement. Thanks for the read.

  5. FREE WILL ? People at home have a different story to tell. The result has been declared. But I don’t see excitement in the face of the people.

        1. I agree. As much as I want to believe in Free Will, We do not get to practise any. But I am only glad for the fact that the elections at home is better as compared to how it was before.

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