Dating A Girl Who Writes

Dating A Girl Who Writes

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I know many an article have been crafted and many a story been woven on why you should date someone who writes. A friend of mine once exclaimed “Date a girl who writes? A little boring don’t you think!!” The more I thought about it, the more it prompted me to write.

Dating a girl who writes takes balls. She will not go out with you because of your expensive suit or your flashy cars. She will simply agree to spend time if you are adorned in humor with a humane heart.

If you are looking for someone who would stare into your eyes watching you speak as you go on about your life, I’d say catch hold of the girl who writes. She will patiently listen to you and maybe interrupt you with questions for she will live in the story as you narrate.

She will argue with you at everything to prove her point, never running out of reasons to back up her arguments and yet she will never leave you bored. She may argue till you go to bed on being right, but this is her way of respecting your opinion.

Watch out, for she may not be the tidiest of all. Her notebooks may lie sprawling around; she may even forget where she kept her glasses & ramshackle the house! But she will never forget to wake you up with a warm cup of tea, her one daily dose of inspiration.

Date a girl who writes for She may not cook and clean for you, or iron your clothes. But she might add some cute little notes in your everyday life that will make it worth living.

Sometimes when she cannot gather too many words to write it all down, bear with her foul mood. Soothe her with humorousness & maybe a cup of coffee? You might just be the inspiration she was looking for then.

If you find a girl who writes, date her. Make sure you read what she writes and let her know your honest take on her writings. Don’t you worry; she has been molded well to take criticism more than you.

Date a girl who writes because she will always keep you comforted. She may not know what to say (because she writes better) but she will just pat on your back, hug you and sit with you till your blues go away.

Date a girl who writes for she may not pack your kid’s lunchbox, or dress them up for school. But she will tell your kids, some fascinating stories that will shape them into some wonderful human beings.

Give your heart to a girl who writes. She will wrap it up with her honest feelings for you and give it back to you for a ‘take it or leave it’. Straight but gentle, she will blow you away with her innocence & honesty.

Give her a blank paper, she will give it back to you with a line or more, maybe a smiley or two but never blank. If you need a break in your life, find the girl who writes. She will open you up to so many ideas; you would feel you have been sitting idle your whole life.

A girl who writes is never nagging. She understands the need for personal space once in a while. Just as she gives you your own space, she would expect the same from you.

Date a girl who writes for all she needs is someone who will not ridicule her for her taste or her ideas. She just needs you to hold her and simply breathe in the air together.

Date a girl who writes, for in the gravest of times she would rather break her own heart to save yours from breaking.

30 thoughts on “Dating A Girl Who Writes

  1. Wonderfully put.

    Date a girl who writes. It takes more than a pretty face to accept the writer. For she will not bow down to domesticated brawl but her fingers will pen the thoughts that are alluring, mystical and even disturbing.

    Lucky will one be if they find a man as capable of such courage.

  2. I used to love a girl who writes! Though she left me, her notes and poetry written for me remains.. She was diffrent and weird in many ways, way ahead of many others because of reading too many books and too many philosophies interwined. Thats what make me weak and fall for her. And i ll alaways love the girl who writes.

  3. Wow! Superb! Yuimi…I envy Ur writing prowess. I read through your first two posts. They are simply fantastic. Your allegorical style is marvellous must say..
    Keep continue your good work, so that we may see one day the star celebrity writer Yuimila Vashum.God speed

  4. Too good Yuimi…Loved every line. I was listening to an Orchestra as a background and it became more like a movie in my imagination 🙂

  5. i wish she just write me lil bit… happy i will be??? God knows only….. But love her with all my heart. Your writing are very beautiful. Keep posting more…..Highly appeciated

  6. It’s 3:17 in the morning. A serendipitous stumble on a Facebook thread brought me here. Wandering around for a good 30 mins. I’m thinking of ways to compliment, but I fear, I’d either fall short of expressing the sheer pulse of dopamine jolting with every syllable you’ve intertwined in these sentences… Stories & anecdotes; Or, I’d be a person who’d make you realise the inherent tautology – “You are a genius with words!” , And you would no longer believe in magic, just as faith can’t and shouldn’t be proved for a reason….

    The cosmos did sway a course I didn’t expect on this inky deep night. Will keep vigil for shooting stars; Pixie dust, et al., 🙂

    God bless,

  7. A beauty indeed! Lady Vashum, really appreciate in taking pride of what you are… I should have known and visited your site a long time back……
    Looking forward to read more

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